All UK registered vehicles over 3 years old are required, by law, to have an annual inspection known as the MOT test. This is to ensure the vehicle meets the minimum government standards for road worthiness, vehicle safety and emission levels.

The following are all tested; lights,horn, battery, electrical wiring, steering and suspension, brakes, wheels and tyres, seat belts, exhaust, fuel and emissions, mirrors and wipers and your windscreen.

The result of the MOT test is based on the condition of your vehicle at the time that the test is conducted.

A pass means that your vehicle has met the minimum road safety and environmental standards as required by law.

Advisory on an MOT are faults that will not cause the vehicle to fail an MOT, but do require attention, for example tyres may be worn, but not yet illegal, there may be fluid leaks, holes in the exhaust or corrosion. We recommend that you fix the faults before they get worse.

A fail means that the vehicle did not meet the minimum road safety and environmental standards as required by law. The certificate will list the failures. If the failures are repaired within 10 working days, then there is no retest fee. After 10 working days, the vehicle will require a new MOT test which is chargeable.

The MOT certificate is not a guarantee of the mechanical condition of your car and you should have regular services to keep your car in good shape.
Should your vehicle need some repairs to pass the MOT, we can carry out those repairs on site. We will notify you of any repairs and costs before the work is carried out.